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I sought legal advice for some particularly complicated matters and was extremely grateful for the advice and assistance I received at Martin & Martin Lawyers. Lesra went to great lengths to ensure I was well informed for all decisions I needed to make and helped me to understand all the documents and legal jargon presented to me. He always made me feel like my opinion was valuable and never lost sight that he was working for what was in my best interests. The team at Martin & Martin is professional, respectful and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of the services they provide."

—  Claire C

"Cheryl and Lesra Martin are fantastic lawyers with a balanced approach to dealing with issues, they are both professional as well as approachable and warm. They have a relaxed atmosphere in their office and their support staff are welcoming and helpful. During my dealings with Martin Lawyers staff I found Rachel to be particularly responsive and helpful. With all of my enquiries I always received a very satisfactory, timely response.

Cheryl Martin performed the necessary duties when I renewed my mortgage a year ago. She was expeditious and resolved all small wrinkles with ease. In addition to being very professional and highly capable I found Cheryl to be friendly, warm and easy to talk to.

Lesra Martin represented me when I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, it was evident early on that he is well polished when it comes to dealing with ICBC. Lesra was masterful in his negotiations with ICBC and he was excellent about keeping in touch, not only to keep me abreast of his negotiations with ICBC but also to check in on my physical well being. I don’t believe I could have made a better choice for representation.

                                        — Deborah N

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