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Why Having a Will is Important!

At Martin & Martin Lawyers, we all too often witness families here in Kamloops and throughout the Interior struggle with the death of a loved one who has not prepared a Will. They are often torn apart with what they “KNOW” their dearly departed would have wanted and would not have wanted. Families may be left with a court of law making the decision as to how your estate will unfold. Typically, this is NOT going to reflect your wishes or the best results for your family.

A Will sets out how you want your Estate (what you own) to be distributed. It also appoints Executors and Trustees to administer your Estate, along with Guardians to take care of your children, and includes specific gifting, directions and exclusions.

Our firm can provide you with the full knowledge and expertise of effective estate planning tailored to your specific requirements.

Incapacity Planning

Just as it is important to plan for your death, incapacity planning is just as important. There are many, many reasons and situations that cause a person to become incapable of managing their legal and financial affairs.

From the most basic task (banking, day to day bills, etc.) to buying/selling property or managing a business, incapacity of a person affects all aspects of one’s life. We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure you have appointed someone to take over the “management” of your affairs should you not be able to. Once a person has lost their capacity to consent to anything, they CANNOT appoint someone under a Power of Attorney. It is absolutely necessary to do so BEFORE something unforeseen happens.

Getting Started!

We offer a 1-hour initial consultation (free of charge), wherein we discuss the essential information and identify issues and concerns, so that you are fully informed with the knowledge necessary for your estate planning.

Before we meet, we suggest that you read and complete this questionnaire to provide us with essential information and to help us identify some preliminary issues and concerns to discuss with you.

We also provide advice on the following:

  • Powers of Attorney (legal and financial affairs)
  • Representation Agreements (designation of a person to make health care decisions on your behalf)
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Committeeship
  • Charitable gifts and bequests
  • Probate
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) issues
  • Adult Guardianship

To book your initial consultation, Call Martin & Martin Lawyers TODAY for a BETTER TOMORROW!

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