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Wrongfully Injured, Motor Vehicle Accident or Slip & Fall?

A personal injury claim is hard to prove without having an experienced lawyer by your side. An attorney guides you through the legal procedure of claiming your lost income and reimbursing your medical bills. If you are a victim of personal injury caused due to intentional conduct or someone else’s negligence, Martin & Martin Lawyers are here to help. With over two decades of experience in handling personal injury cases, we provide you with reliable legal services. Trust our personal injury lawyers in Kamloops to fight for your legal rights.


Why you need Personal Injury Lawyers

Experience tells us that many personal injury victims rely on their insurance companies to compensate them for their losses. Insurance companies, however, have a vested interest in paying you as little as possible.


For example, an ICBC insurance adjuster may ("nicely") indicate to you that by allowing them to obtain the necessary medical information about you, employment information, etc., they are assessing your claim in your best interest—"to get you what you are entitled to".


The truth of the matter is, they are representing the "at fault" driver and searching for information to pay you as little as possible, if anything, on your claim. They are NOT working for your best interest.


At Martin & Martin Lawyers in Kamloops, we NEVER represent ICBC or any other insurance company. We only represent YOU, the victim. We work to get fair compensation for your losses. We cover the expenses of your claim to the settlement or conclusion of your trial. We get paid, when YOU get compensated! Let us be your representative with the insurance companies.


We claim your damages! We also represent you in your tort claim and your ICBC claim. Ultimately, we help create a better tomorrow for you as our personal injury lawyers:

  • Excel in litigating and mediating your insurance claim
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to protect your interests
  • Keep your settlement claim on track and ensure faster results
  • Help you with legal documentation and submissions
  • Provide you with alternative strategies to settle your claim


Getting Started!

To help get you started, we offer a 1-hour initial consultation (free of charge), wherein we discuss the essential information and identify issues and concerns so that you are fully informed as to what your rights are with ICBC or another insurance company.


In addition to personal injury, our lawyers also have expertise in real estate, family law and slip and fall.


Contact Martin & Martin Lawyers today if you are looking for reliable personal injury lawyers in Kamloops.

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